Using Oracle Collaboration Suite Release 2

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This ILT introduces the key task(s) of each component of Oracle Collaboration Suite (OCS) to the end user. Hands-on practices take the student through many of these basic and advanced tasks.

These tasks are broken up into separate modules, which include basic and advanced topics for each component of OCS. The user learns how to create and send an email, retrieve messages from their voicemail, manage personal time activities and schedule meetings with Calendar, create a conference through Web Conferencing, connect to Oracle Files, conduct a search through e-mail, Oracle Files, and web sites with Ultra Search, and use wireless devices to view email, voicemail and their calendar. More advanced tasks build upon these basic features by using folders and distribution lists for email, setting parameters for voicemail, publishing and managing groups through Calendar, managing materials for use in Web Conferencing, collaborating on document creation and sharing data through Oracle Files, and using SMS commands to assist in wireless and voice retrieval of information.

Familiarity with windows environment, using email
Using voicemail

Cíle kurzu
Create, compose and send an email message
Create, manage and modify preferences in relation to voice messages
Utilize Calendar for time management
Publish and share files with Oracle Files
Execute a search that utilizes web files, email and/or web sites
Utilize wireless and voice capabilities to access email, corporate directory, address book, and Oracle Files
Utilize SMS commands to access OCS components
Participate and share materials for a conference

Témata kurzu

What can I do with Oracle Collaboration Suite?
Integrated example of how the OCS components work together
Oracle E-mail
Oracle Voicemail
Oracle Calendar
Oracle Files
Ultra Search
Web Conferencing
Wireless and Voice

Using and Managing Email with Oracle Connector for Outlook
Uses and Benefits of Oracle E-mail
Oracle Connector for Outlook
Log in and manage your email account through MS Outlook
Compose an email message
Manage your email account
Manage your email preferences
Search through your email

Using and Managing Voicemail
Uses and Benefits of Voicemail
Login to your voicemail account
Listen to your new voice messages
Reply to or forward a voice message
Send or Listen to saved or previously read messages
Manage your Voice Preferences
Change your password
.wav Demonstration

Using, Managing and Collaborating with Oracle Calendar with Oracle Connector for Outlook
Uses and Benefits of Oracle Calendar
Overview of Oracle Calendar Clients
Manage your time through Microsoft Outlook
Collaborate with others through Calendar
Organize your Agenda
Oracle Synchronization Tools
Synchronize with Microsoft Outlook
Other Synchronization Tools

Creating and Participating in a Web Conference
Uses and Benefits of Web Conferencing
Log in to Web Conferencing
Access Web Conferencing using a web browser
Create a Web Conference
Join a Web Conference
Participate in a Web Conference
Manage your materials

Using and Managing Oracle Files
Uses and Benefits of Oracle Files
Access Oracle Files through the Web browser
Set User Preferences
Manage your Oracle Files
Utilize Workspaces
Organize File content
Collaborate with other users
Utilize Other Methods for Accessing Oracle Files

Using Oracle Ultra Search
Uses and Benefits of Oracle Ultra Search
Oracle Search Mechanisms
Access Ultra Search
Set search criteria
View search results

Accessing and Using Oracle Collaboration Suite Components with Oracle Wireless and Voice
Uses and Benefits of Oracle Wireless and Voice
Configure your Wireless and Voice Settings
Access email through your wireless device and voice access system
Access Calendar through Wireless and voice access system
Access Files Online through wireless and voice access system
Access Corporate Directory through Wireless and Voice access system
Access your Personal Address Book through Wireless and Voice access system
Execute SMS commands to different OCS components
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